Veronica Agnus is Paranormal Romance Author. She loves to write, workout, and spend some cozy time with her puppies. She enjoys writing stories with empowering women, a hint of comedy, strong unique men, and a jam-packed adventure that leaves you wanting more.

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For the Faeiry Absolutes 

In the deep shadows of the supernatural world lies a prison whose captives are organized by supernatural race, capabilities, and destructive power. The lower the level, the more lethal — and desirable — the individual.

As a Nephilim at the Psychic Prison for Supernaturals, I'm banished to the depths of its lowest level, a hellhole from which few ever return. Captivity is no ballgame, but considering I'm the guinea pig for a psychotic doctor's research, I'd much rather remain in my cell for all eternity — just as I was sentenced to do at the age of ten.

My crime?
Merely existing.
I managed to hide for years, but fate finally caught up with me. And that's not all. If the latest lab results are to be believed, I'm more lethal than I seem at first glance, which means I'll never be free again.

My redemption?
Well, that's in the hands of three dangerous men, one of whom is the Faerest of them all. Alongside a banished fae king, a demigod, and an Omega Wolf, I'm destined to experience whole levels of pain in my new captivity.

Prison shouldn't stir a romantic cocktail of pleasure, pain, and hope, but here I stand, bared and ready. If I'm destined to be confined, maybe it's time I played by someone else's rules.

Time to play this game of captivity with my three faeiry absolutes.

Royal Confinement For Malicient Supernat

Royal Confinement For Malicient Supernaturals 

Secret princess? Check.
Secret princess with hidden powers? Double Check.
Secret princess with hidden powers hiding out in prison to avoid death? Triple Check.

My hiding plan was pretty foolproof. In fact, I only made one mistake — not counting on four Deadly Sins being transferred to my penitentiary. But they’re here now, and their presence is upending my life.

Sexy Jack of All Trades.
Dangerous Liam of Mischievous Games.
Mental Darrell of All Things Sinister.
Lethal Luca of Pleasure and Torture.

The only thing I know for sure about them is that all four men are delicious and deadly, and I take it upon myself to discover exactly what types of supernatural beings they are. But as I work on uncovering their secrets, they decide it's their duty to get me back out into the world.

As a shattered princess, being in the depths of prison never bothered me, but now that four thrilling men are fighting their hardest to get me out, I have a feeling the outside world is where I'd love to start a new adventure.

Many people mistakenly believe I hide out of fear. Oh, if only they knew just how dangerous an innocent little royal can be. Then again, they'll find out soon enough.

It's time for me to show the world what it really means to be a shattered princess.

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Supernatural Captivity 

After pissing off the head of the supernatural lab, failing at befriending my fellow inmates, and pitching a temper tantrum in the underground cafeteria, it was only a matter of time before I had to do something about this whole captivity thing.

For me, Cassandra Thorn, being born as a human, raised by an elite group of supernaturals, and struggling to reach my twentieth birthday was far more fun than this.

Then again, anything would be.

In this case, "this" refers to being taken against my will—kidnapped—and trapped in an underground lab for supernatural shifters. Pretty ridiculous, considering I was a mere mortal.

Or so I was told.

Turns out there are a lot of things I was told, not all of them true. Now a family secret has been revealed and destiny is just waiting for me to fulfill it…but I was stuck in Prison Boringville with a bunch of not-so-friendly detainees.

Being a supernatural inmate isn’t my style, so with the very new powers bestowed upon me, I was getting my booty out of this hellhole. Unless Adonis the sexy incubus, Dominick the deadly fae master, Otis the death-seeking vampire, and Tristan the sly shapeshifter bust me out first.

Supernatural Inmate is the first book in the Supernatural Captivity series, a Paranormal Prison Romance.

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Supernatural Marked Monarchy 

When a Monarch is Marked, they go from master to prisoner. Their fate? Determined by the one who Marked them.

Alisha Butterfly is my name, and on Friday the 13th, I was found guilty of the massacre of a bunch of criminals — people I have no memory of killing. Amnesia wasn't a good enough excuse to get me into the mental ward and so I was tossed into the depths of the Psychic Prison for Supernaturals.

Now I’m a Marked puppet with bad luck on my side and a master waiting for me at my cell. But questions — and problems — arise when that one master turns out to be four and I learn I’m more than just a trapped butterfly.

To them, a Marked Monarch is a slave to their every command. But I’m more than that. I'm powerful and I will rise from the depths of this prison and exact my revenge on whomever sentenced me here.

I'll cocoon myself within these grim walls and do what my masters tell me. Let them abuse, strengthen, and train me for what's to come, for time will be my ally until I transform and regain what is rightfully mine.

I will reclaim my supernatural monarchy.

Psychic Prison is a Paranormal Prison Romance.

Supernatural Vampire Fae Chronicles

Supernatural Vampire Fae Chronicles 

Coming Soon

Blurb Posted Sept.18.2020

~Author Note: Will Release Earlier Based Off Of Popularity~


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