Shae Banks


Shae is a writer of romance in all its forms. She also loves to explore people. Who they are. Where they've been. Where they're going.
She does this from the North West of England surrounded by the rolling hills of the Lake District where she lives with her family, cat, and Labrador retriever.


Pieces of Me


Leaving was the easy part.

Leaving her loveless marriage and returning to the sanctuary of her childhood home should have made Lyla’s life easier.
With her brother away, she’d have the house to herself while she struggled to put her life back together and find a place of her own.
But nothing worked out the way she planned. Devastating news and a persistent soon-to-be ex-husband will leave Lyla reeling.
And if that wasn’t enough, she now found herself caught in the crosshairs of three handsome men - her brother’s closest friends.
Will she listen to her heart and stay where she’s happy, or crumble under pressure and take the safe option?

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