Spirit Of Christmas

Paranormal Romance

Spirit Of Christmas

Spirit Of Christmas

On Leven, on Jax, on Tatum, and Nickie! Getting three Reindeer shifters under the Christmas tree may be Nickie’s reward for being a good girl.

The only Christmas spirit Nickie has is what she makes in her boutique distillery. But on a last-minute delivery, she runs into three buff bucks who believe she’s the key to finding the missing Santa Claus and saving Christmas.

Working with this new team of reindeer shifters, Nickie must outwit Krampus and fight off his wicked helpers while tracking down where he’s hiding Kris Kringle. But the more time she spends with the svelte shifters, the more she’s drawn to them.

When Krampus takes her sister too, Nickie and the sexy stags must risk everything to save the little girl. Which for Nickie just might include losing her heart to the hunky harts.

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Mila Young

Bestselling Author, Mila Young tackles everything with the zeal and bravado of the fairytale heroes she grew up reading about. She slays monsters, real and imaginary, like there's no tomorrow. By day she rocks a keyboard as a marketing extraordinaire. At night she battles with her mighty pen-sword, creating fairytale retellings, and sexy ever after tales. In her spare time, she loves pretending she's a mighty warrior, cuddling up with her cats, and devouring every fantasy tale she can get her pinkies on.

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