Shared by the Vikings

Contemporary Romance

Shared by the Vikings

Shared by the Vikings

Disguising herself as a boy in order to board a longboat headed north seemed to Princess Ingrid like a good way to escape being married off against her will, until her deception was discovered. Now three battle-hardened Vikings are set on teaching her a stern lesson, and stripping the princess bare for a painful, humiliating spanking is just the beginning of their plans for her.

Though the punishment infuriates Ingrid, her body's response to the shameful chastisement is undeniable, and when she is claimed for the first time she cannot help crying out with pleasure. But the princess will not belong to just one of these fearsome warriors. They plan to share her, and she will soon learn what it means to be both thoroughly used and well and truly mastered.

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Lily Harlem

Lily Harlem is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of sexy romance. She writes for several publishing houses including HarperCollins and Stormy Night Publications (who specialize in deliciously kinky plot lines that will keep you reading late into the night).

Lily writes Male/Female, Male/Male, reverse harem and ménage a trois romances that all leave the bedroom door wide open so you get to enjoy the characters most intimate moments. She’s also very partial to a happily ever after.

Lily’s contemporary ménage a trois novels The Silk Tie, The Glass Knot, and Shared have been blessed with many 5* reviews – all available on Kindle Unlimited.

If you love sporty romance don’t miss HOT ICE a seven novel 5* series about those sexy bad boys of the ice all available on Kindle Unlimited and the first book FREE when you sign up to her quarterly newsletter.

Enjoy paranormal? Darkest Night is the full collection of Lily’s smokin’ hot vampire and shifter stories.

One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and deliciously sexy. Enjoy!

Visit Lily’s website for more details of her other books or her Amazon Author Page. Subscribe to her newsletter to get a FREE ebook and be the first to hear of new releases, and if you enjoy Facebook hop on over there and say hi! For those of you who like to get up close and personal, join Lily's Reader

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