Nightborne Renegades MC

Paranormal Romance



Peace between humans and vampires is a lofty goal.
But not everyone wants to see it happen.

Indebted to a dangerous human,

maverick hacker, Davina, decides to take a stab at vampire money,

and gets caught by the deadly and oh-so-sexy vampires of the Nightborne Motorcycle Club.

When vampires start disappearing only to return deranged and attack their own,

The club will use anyone and anything, including Davina, to find out who’s behind it,

Who wants to destroy their fragile peace with humans, and

Who wants a war.

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Imani L Hawkins

Imani L Hawkins is a writer of all things supernatural, paranormal, and urban fantasy. Growing up in New Mexico, the land of enchantment, she's always surrounded by beautiful scenery that inspires most of her tales.

Caring for her two children with the support of her loving husband, she's found the courage to write stories filled with intricate plot lines and characters she's sure anyone would be able to relate to.

A love of all things creative, she spends her free time playing the alto saxophone, making designer soaps, painting, playing around with digital design, and writing stories she hopes will inspire others.

She loves hearing from people who enjoy her stories. So, feel free to follow her on social media, subscribe to her newsletter, or simply send her an email!

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