Merlyn Academy

Paranormal Romance

Merlyn Academy

Merlyn Academy

She had no idea…

…what her family had done.

Would the other kids hate her?

Lizzie had always kept her head down at the foster home. She didn’t like to make waves. At school, going unnoticed suited her just fine. When the flames came out of her hands, after class, everything changed.

It was awful.

Then she met Harry Rook.

He knew about her real family.

A new school for magical folks, the Merlyn Academy, invited her to come and learn. It was all too hard to believe. Lizzie didn’t even know magic was real before the flames incident. Harry explained that they would teach her to be a powerful witch.

Did Lizzie even want to be a witch?

What did he mean her family was notorious?

Who are those painfully hot Knight brothers?

You’ll be instantly enthralled with Lizzie’s new life, because this slow-burn reverse harem romance has twists you won’t expect. And somebody wants her dead!

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Sophia Stone

Sophia Stone is a writer of Young Adult Fiction and The Merlyn Academy trilogy will be her first set of published novels.

She loves to spend her spare time day dreaming new story ideas to fill up her numerous notebooks while relaxing with a good cup of coffee.

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