Lili Kazana


Cast From Heaven

Cast From Heaven



Betrayed by heaven, protected by hell. The devil and his hellhounds will do anything to keep their angel safe.

When archangel Gabriel manipulates Lili Kazana, severing her wings so she can be his spy in Hell, rescue comes in the most unlikely form: protective Cerny, sweet Russ, gruff Bernard, and the devil himself.

Lili is hesitant to trust her rescuers, but with humanity at stake from a demon invasion and her angel ex-boyfriend on the warpath, Lili has no choice but to rely on Lucifer and the three shifters. It doesn’t hurt that they’re sexy as sin and want to take care of her. Every inch of her.

Cast From Heaven is a medium burn romance, with a damaged, innocent angel and the four demons devoted to her. This book is RH, which means Lili doesn’t have to pick a favourite of her protectors - why choose when you can have all four?

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Leigh Kelsey

Leigh Kelsey is the author of romance and reverse harem books for anyone with a soft spot for steely women and the tortured men who love them. No matter what stories she’s writing – vampires or shifters or bad boys – they all share a common thread of love, heart, and action. She is the author of the Lili Kazana series, the Moonlight Inn series, the Dead Space stand alone, and the Blacktower Prison for Supernaturals series, plus many more books.

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