Lake Emerald Chronicles

Contemporary Romance

The First Summer

The First Summer

Clary is 16 and she’s never been kissed.
But this year she’s all grown up and she’s even got legit boobs.
Go to summer camp with her and meet new and old love interests:
her old friend Logan, Joel the bad boy Clary has always crushed on, Xander the annoying new tennis instructor and his hot cousin Austin.

Who will she choose when they all seem to fall for Clary and she has feelings for all of them?
Will she have to choose?
What happens when someone who noticed all the attention Clary is getting begins sending her threatening notes?

Add some random attacks in the woods surrounding camp and the suspicions start: who’s doing this?
The resident mean girls Lucy, Hayley and Leah?
The bad boys Rob and Justin?
Joel’s girlfriend, mad southern belle Jemma?
This will be a summer of love, sex, discovery, fun and danger for Clary, her boys and her friends.

***Trigger warning: the story contains underage sex and drinking and a mild description of rape (as a recount), so if any of this bothers you, don’t download it. Definitely advised for 18+ only
please be aware that this book uses British English spelling and punctuation, so it might look slightly different than what you are used to.

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Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams is from the UK but was born in Italy and grew up between the two countries. She's now UK based and her day job is connected her other huge passion after writing and reading: flying. She lived in the US and got herself a super hot Yankee husband who followed her back to Europe.
Her obsessions: Yorkshire terriers and Norse gods!
She's often heard saying that she never trusts people who don't love animals.
Her passions have been reading and writing from an early age and her first adventure in writing was in journalism.
Melissa's stories focus on the romance, on character development and on the sensual aspect of love. Summer romance is her absolute first love but every story she writes has a mystery twist because life is nothing but a mystery.

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