Hidden Falls High

Contemporary Romance

Cruel Crush

Cruel Crush




Includes CRUSH, the Prequel and CRUEL CRUSH

Now that Nat Donovan had left...

Hidden Falls High has a new King...

Dante Black, the blackest of the Blacks.

Another home, another new school.

Another target.

Life was supposed to be smooth sailing when you're at the end of your high school year.

Of course it is.

Especially when you're the one your father relies on to take care of loose ends. And by the time you're 18, you've already earned yourself a reputation amongst the Inner Circle as someone to be feared.

Who am I? I'm the charming Prince, the Golden Boy, the one no one suspects to have no heart.

Until I saw her...my target. The girl I will bring down because she is his crush. Summer.

Who knew crushes could be so cruel?


There is someone new living in the Donovans' old mansion in Hidden Falls, the exclusive enclave in Malibu. He's a senior at the Academy, but he seems older like he's already seen so much in the world. Maybe he has. Maybe he's not of this world.

I thought I had finally found peace at Hidden Falls High...but the nightmare is just beginning...

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Kailin Gow

Kailin Gow is a million-selling international and USA Today Bestselling author who writes in many genres under her name and other pen names. She has been an invited speaker on Book Expo America, appeared on CBS News about writing books with social issues, and the Top 15 National radio regularly on women's issues, women in film and Hollywood, and leadership. She is also an award-winning producer, director, screenwriter, and television host of 4 tv series with 2 more series in 2020. Her popular coming of age book series, Loving Summer, is currently in production as a feature film.

And her teenage years is a pop culture book series called the Golden Girl Series.

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