Goddess of Love

Paranormal Romance

Goddess of Love

Goddess of Love

The blood moon rising changed everything...

Katie hated her life. Working for her supermodel sister was about as much fun as eating rocks. But when doing the right thing leads to losing everything, Katie does the logical thing: she gets wasted on the beach.

And then the blood moon rose.

Memories that weren't her own rush back of a life when she was the goddess of love. A life with three mates who would do anything for her.

Panic sets in as a veil is lifted from the world and magic is revealed everywhere. Luckily for Katie, a muscular adult Cupid--in a diaper--arrives to help her navigate her new world.

But when she discovers the difficulty that comes from having three sexy new mates and an enemy she doesn't remember, Katie has to decide, does she do what she must to keep her memory, or take the easy way out and forget all about goddesses and mates.

For a woman who has never believed in love, being the goddess of love might just change everything.

Or get her killed.

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