For The Faeiry Absolutes

Paranormal Romance

Celestial Prison

Celestial Prison

In the deep shadows of the supernatural world lies a prison whose captives are organized by supernatural race, capabilities, and destructive power. The lower the level, the more lethal — and desirable — the individual.

As a Nephilim at the Psychic Prison for Supernaturals, I'm banished to the depths of its lowest level, a hellhole from which few ever return. Captivity is no ballgame, but considering I'm the guinea pig for a psychotic doctor's research, I'd much rather remain in my cell for all eternity — just as I was sentenced to do at the age of ten.

My crime?
Merely existing.
I managed to hide for years, but fate finally caught up with me. And that's not all. If the latest lab results are to be believed, I'm more lethal than I seem at first glance, which means I'll never be free again.

My redemption?
Well, that's in the hands of three dangerous men, one of whom is the Faerest of them all. Alongside a banished fae king, a demigod, and an Omega Wolf, I'm destined to experience whole levels of pain in my new captivity.

Prison shouldn't stir a romantic cocktail of pleasure, pain, and hope, but here I stand, bared and ready. If I'm destined to be confined, maybe it's time I played by someone else's rules.

Time to play this game of captivity with my three faeiry absolutes.

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Avery Song

Avery Song is a reverse harem author who specializes in young adult fantasy and new adult paranormal romance. She especially loves writing strong main characters and is excited for all the books that are approaching. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, she strives towards big dreams with her two puppies.

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