Five Crowns

Fantasy Romance

Captured by Dragons

Captured by Dragons

One lonely college girl. Four hot Dragon-shifter royals. And they all want her.

A car accident leaves Diana searching for answers. One minute she's in the Arizona desert, the next, she's on a beach in an unknown land. Groggy and scared, she needs help. The first man she sees doesn’t look like help, though. He stalks her like prey, watching and waiting.

How in the hell did she get into this mess?

Just as he’s about to strike, Diana is rescued by Cetus, a Water dragon shifter. She’s certain this is all a dream, especially when she sees his chiseled features and the way he looks at her. He’s insanely hot. And he’s interested in her. Swoon.

Cetus returns to the Emperor, his uncle, with Diana in tow. She’s amazed by the beauty of the palace and its inhabitants, but she’s in for more than she bargained for.

Cetus has three cousins, Lux, Geb, and Aurus. All types of dragon shifters, all kinds of beautiful. And they all have their sights set on her, ready to compete with each other in their quest to protect her.

Awed by their strength, terrified by their shapeshifting capabilities, Diana is their servant, doing anything the dragons princes require. But as she stays at the palace, things begin to change…until one day, she becomes a number-one enemy of the evil Emperor Svarog.

Will the Princes choose Diana over their own uncle and loyalty to the Empire?

Can their love be split five ways, or will their dragon nature burn everything to the ground?

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Athena Aston

A huge fan of romance, crazy adventures, and humor, Athena Aston spins all three into captivating paranormal romance and reverse harem tales she enjoys sharing with her readers.

A former business major, Athena quit her job at a marketing firm to pursue her passion for writing and hasn't regretted it one bit.

She writes her books from the comfort of her home in Indiana while balancing a happy marriage and raising three super-energetic boys. After two attempts of having a daughter proved unsuccessful, Athena and her loving family adopted a Jack Russell Terrier who's quickly become their new baby girl!

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