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Queens of Thorns and Stars

Queens of Thorns and Stars



The king is dead. Long live the queens…

At long last, the cruel King of Thorns is dead. With him murdered and gone, his widow, Queen Acanthe, can finally enact a plan a thousand years in the making. Partnered with an enigmatic dark entity, Acanthe embarks on a killing spree across Inara, collecting the powers of fallen royalty. If she succeeds, she’ll finally be able to open a portal to Earth, her former home — even if opening such a portal means destruction for Inara.

As one of the few remaining members of Inara’s nobility, Queen Sitara of the House of Stars is the only one who can stop Acanthe. But as a young queen, she hasn’t yet fully come into her powers and isn’t strong enough to defeat Acanthe on her own. Enter Raze: a mysterious prisoner with his own secret agenda. In exchange for his freedom, he agrees to help Sitara save their world. But between their mutual distrust and simmering attraction, will they be able to find a way to work together to save Inara before it’s too late?

When the blood settles, who will reign?

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Elle Cross

Hi, I'm Elle Cross, and I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I live in NYC with my husband and the imaginary dog that we will one day adopt. I have a massive makeup collection and I'm grateful that, as a freelance makeup artist, I can justify buying even more.

When I'm not playing with color or my imaginary friends, I can usually be found in the nearest diner or bubble tea shop trying to take the perfect picture of my drink while my husband rolls his eyes.

(Yes, we're that couple. And, no, I don't post my food pics on my Instagram feed.)

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