Circle of Souls

Historical Romance

A Taste of Spice and Splendor

A Taste of Spice and Splendor

When life hands you lemons, why not swap them with limes and make margaritas with your four sexy Mediterranean soul mates?

I’m Mira Krom and all I ever wanted was a to be a chef and live in a cute little cottage, but quite frankly, my life's a mess – and I only make matters worse by walking out on my asshole boss…

…but that’s when everything changes – that’s when I meet Gino.

Normally, I wouldn’t take a random job offer from a stranger in a bar, even one with such compelling green eyes, but what choice do I have? There’s an eviction notice on my door, and Gino makes me an offer I can't refuse.

Now I’m the new chef at a gorgeous luxury resort, and the center of attention among the four incredibly hot, wealthy, Mediterranean men who own the place: Gino, Theo, Elias and Helio.

But things really are too good to be true; they’re treating me like I’m some kind of special guest, rather than a lowly employee... and why am I so voraciously drawn to all four of them?

Weirder still, how is it possible that they are connected to the steamy dreams I’ve always had… the dreams of Ancient Greece?

Something is happening here, something not entirely of this world...

…and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to figure out what it is.

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Lacuna Reid

Lacuna Reid writes both fantasy and contemporary romance with a paranormal twist. She lives in beautiful New Zealand where she enjoys writing books over a cup of earl grey tea or a glass of rosé wine, and eating all the delicious foods! She loves learning and has studied herbalism and completed a diploma in hypnotherapy. She's also a total astrology geek! Follow Lacuna on social media to see what she's up to.

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