Call Me Jack


Deal with the Devil

Deal with the Devil

Stingy Jack, that's the name that everyone remembers me by, especially during the most inopportune times.

I’m the drunk who tricked the devil and ended up wandering the Earth for hundreds of years as punishment.

Every Halloween humans carve out pumpkins and light them up hoping to keep me and the other lost evil spirits at bay.
But that ritual stopped mattering a very long time ago.

I’ve been living the high life down in Lucifer’s part of hell, kicking back and drinking to my heart's content for quite a while now.

That is until I’m summoned to go on a little errand with the one and only Asmodeus the prince of demons himself.
Yep, looks like this Halloween I will be haunting my old stomping grounds once again.

So allow me to introduce myself before you lock your door and hide. My preferred name's Jack, a lost spirit that only wants the rest of your beer.

But whatever you do, don’t call me Jackie.
Only the devil can call me that.

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