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Paranormal Romance

Snowed In With The Pack

Snowed In With The Pack

My body wants a mate. But I sure wasn't counting on three…

It's the most embarrassing time of any female shifter's life. My body is desperate to be mated, and it's willing to do whatever it has to to get the job done.

I have no home to go to, no place on this earth that feels safe.

Intent on riding out my mating season alone, I travel into the wilderness, when a freak blizzard leaves me stranded.

Of course, the only house around for miles is home to three ripped, wolf-shifter guys. They take me in—no strings attached.

In any normal situation, they'd be fighting each other for the right to claim me. But this isn't normal.

These men take their pack-bond seriously, and they share everything. If I let them, they'll share me.

Being so close to them as my season approaches is too much for me to bear. I need their hands on my skin, their touch. I beg them to help me scratch my itch and soothe my ache.

Only they don't just want to sleep with me. They want to take me as their lover. Their mate.

They want to keep me—for life.

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Dizzy Hooper

Dizzy Hooper is the pen name of an internationally published author who loves hot guys, cold drinks, and books that make you feel warm in all the right places. If you're looking for a short, sexy read with just that little something extra -- and a guaranteed happy ending, look no further.

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