Blood Stone

Fantasy Romance

Seven Sins

Seven Sins

What does a fallen angel, a vampire, and a sexy bodyguard have in common?
They’re the carriers of the seven deadly sins—and it’s my job to conquer them.
I don’t take shit from anybody, and that’s what has gotten me through life so far. My mother’s dead. My brother struck a deal with the Incubus King that gets me in all sorts of trouble, and my dreams are plagued by a black fog of death that’s determined to hunt me down.
Seems like destiny has finally caught up with me, and she’s a bitch.
If I want to survive what’s coming next, I’m going to have to face this darkness I’ve been running from all my life. Hell isn’t a terror locked in my dreams. It’s real, and I’m going to need to find my mates to conquer it, starting with the sin of lust—my favorite.
Turns out being the long-lost Queen of Hell has its perks.

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J.R. Thorn

USA Today Bestselling Author J.R. Thorn is a Reverse Harem Romance author. All her books are written in the same world except for co-write books, so be sure to check out the recommended reading order listed above or on the website! (She'll also admit to having an unhealthy obsession with magical tattoos and alpha males.)

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