Beholden To Balance

Paranormal Romance





Becks really wishes she could die.
She’s ready to end it all, prepared to tell the world how she feels with a drop to a fast stop on a swinging rope.

However, her body just won’t stop healing anything and everything she does to it.
She’s tired of being called crazy, and done with her life in a dull and evil world where magic is labeled as psychosis.

That is, until her fiercely protective, foul-mouthed familiar shows up with a plan to convince her otherwise. A plan Becks isn’t sure she’s ready to tackle.

After all, how can the fate of the world rest on someone who’s clinically insane?

But her familiar has help in the back pocket of his toddler-sized onesie:
An authoritative spell worker, a sweet as sin psychic, and an angry shapeshifter form a team of three very distracting men that’ll whip her right into shape, whether she likes it or not.

If only Becks can get over her past long enough to give each of them, and life itself a chance.

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Cilla Raven

Cilla Raven lives in North Carolina with her husband and five children. She is an obsessive reader that cusses too much and has too much attitude to take seriously from her 4'11'' frame. She has a pants off after 10 p.m. mentality, loves music and dancing in her underwear, funny animal videos, and good food.

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