Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep

Contemporary Romance



I didn't asked to go to Kingsbury Prep. My little sister secretly sent in an application.
I know I am nowhere near the ideal student for Kingsbury Prep.
But I won't be pushed out of anywhere just because three spoiled brats known as the Royals deemed it soLiving on the streets, managing to go to school, work part-time at any odd job to take care of my sister taught me how to fight.

And dream of a better life.

I won't let them take away that dream for my sister. I won't let them win.
They declared war on me and the whole school is game.
Well,'re in for a ride. Because you picked on the wrong girl. I'm capable of anything your royal butts can't even imagine. I don't play games. Life is tough enough already. But since you started it, watch your backs because I'm not called Tempest for nothing.

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Rachel Angel

USA Today Bestselling author, Rachel Angel writes stories about Strong Feisty Women and the men they tame and RH, Bully Romances, Dark Romances, and sexy books.

Bullies, Bad Boys, Billionaires, Enemies to Lovers, and more!

She is also the edgy, darker pen name who purposely writes boundary-expanding styles (in Contemporary Romance) for a million-selling YA author, who is a prolific producer, award-winning filmmaker, and former model (signed by top agency, Otto Models).

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