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The Waters

The Waters



With an arranged marriage forced upon me, I do the only thing a rational twenty-year-old would do. Resist. Funny thing is, the queen doesn’t enjoy being disobeyed. With no other choice I flee my kingdom, hoping to stay hidden and far away from relationships with the opposite sex.

Enter Flynn Right, gorgeous and obnoxiously charming bounty hunter. He doesn’t know who I am and I’m trying not to fall for him but every wink he sends my way weakens my defenses.

Two things I know for certain:
1. Flynn Right is my kryptonite.
2. My mother, the queen, won’t let me go without a fight.

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Rory Miles

Rory Miles is an avid reader, consumer of chocolate, and lover of cats. Her books can best be described as snarky with a healthy amount of romance.

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