Romy Lockhart


Romy Lockhart writes paranormal reverse harem and M/F contemporary romance. All of her books contain steamy scenes between consenting adults. All of her reverse harems have harem ever afters, and all of her romance novels have happy endings.

Charming Their Djinn

Lucky in Love

How lucky can one woman be?

If she's the right kind of Djinn, the answer is infinitely. Yet, Maeve's existence has been far from charmed. At the beck and call of a vampire master, she's confined to his casino and takes stolen moments where she can find them with her vampire lovers.

When a stranger buys his way in to her master's big stakes poker game, her whole world is upended. One deadly choice and her destiny falls onto a new path.

Is everything she ever dreamed of really so close to becoming reality, or will her luck run dry?

Lucky in Love is a suspenseful paranormal reverse harem novella with serious steam. This story was originally published in Lucky Between the Sheets, titled Charming the Djinn. One click for a short and steamy why choose read.


Claimed by Wolves

Cry Wolf


Fated to Them

Flashing Her Gators

All Misty ‘Flash’ Gordon wants is to be taken seriously. Sick of reporting on fluff pieces for producers who’ve pigeon-holed her, she devises a plan to go chase down a real story. If she can catch a killer, they’ll have to take her ridiculous ass seriously, right?
But she gets more than she bargained for when she finds out the murders are being written off as animal attacks, because they’ve been committed by a shifter. Figuring out how she’s going to get the story she needs to fast track her career becomes harder, and further complicated when she discovers a surprising truth about herself.
Catching a killer is one thing, falling hard for three men all at once wasn’t in her plan. Let alone three possessive gators, two of whom have ties to the case she’s trying to break. Misty might just have bitten off more than she can chew. Good thing she has gator mates to teach her how to snap.
Fans of Romy Lockhart should note that Flashing Her Gators is a slow burn novel with eventual steam. One click this quirky shifter reverse harem romance today!


Reverse Harem Fairytales


Monster. Demon. Killer.

Adrianna has been called all of the above and worse. A fey-born succubus able to drain a person's life force with a single touch, her time in the human world has been met with fear and hatred, and now, as the King's Assassin, she's given a task that would force her to break a promise to the only person who ever showed her true compassion.

One heart. That's all the King asks. It shouldn't be so difficult. It's not going to be her first kill. But when her mark is the son of the woman who took her in when her mother died, she's left conflicted. Tracking the Prince down is simple. Her feelings when she finds him make doing what she has to impossible in more ways than one.

The heart of a vampire may not beat, but the moment she meets her Prince and his men she knows that she can't go on any longer as a killer. Opening her heart up to seven vampires, she begins to realize what she's been missing living amongst humans her whole adult life.

It might just be the happy ever after she never thought she'd get, but if she doesn't bring back what the King asked for, there's going to be hell to pay...

Devilry is a supernaturally twisted reverse harem version of the classic fairy tale Snow White. One click today for a suspenseful and steamy harem ever after.

Rock Goddess Reverse Harem


Rock star. Billionaire. Goddess.

She’s all of the above, but only one of those things is the key to mending her broken heart.

When infidelity shatters her perfect L.A. life, Eden Rose Masterson heads home for some small-town recuperation. Only fate has other plans. Instead of nursing her wounded pride, she’s bombarded with the discovery that she’s a Goddess of Love and that Cupid is her new BFF.

Reconnecting with multiple men from her past, she discovers just what she’s been missing. Who knew rebounding could be so much fun? But being a goddess has a dark side, and she soon learns that not all men are willing to share.

Lovestruck is the first book in the Rock Goddess Reverse Harem series. One-click your copy of this high-heat low-fantasy read now.


Venom's Kiss

Venom's Kiss

When a dying man is left on her doorstep, Queen Cobra Ava knows a threat has landed in her pit. Aided by her enforcer and her advisor, she moves quickly to unveil the threat and land the first strike.

However, the stranger she chooses to save is more than she bargained for in more ways than one. When he reveals the answer to her biggest problem, it becomes obvious that protecting her people may just prove simpler than protecting her heart.

Only one thing is certain. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Venom's Kiss is a reverse harem paranormal romance novella of 30K words, with an HEA and serious steam. This story was originally published in Falling For Them Volume Five. One click today for a steamy and suspenseful ride!


Wonderland After Dark

Ruby's Pride

There’s no place like Oz...

You only turn thirty once, and Ruby Diaz gets a once-in-a-lifetime birthday present when her friends drag her to a secret club opening. Wonderland After Dark is off the beaten path, and serves cocktails that whisk those who drink them away to magical realms.

Four hotter-than-hell lion shifters greet Ruby when she arrives in Oz, a place so familiar it almost feels like home. Discovering she has the abilities of a witch comes second only to finding out she’s mated to the lions. Getting back to reality will hit hard, but does she really ever have to leave?

Ruby’s Pride is a high heat reverse harem novel that can be read as a standalone. One click your copy today and open the door to Oz. Your pride awaits...

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