Paige Taylor lives on the Gorgeous Gold Coast of Australia, with her two puppies and surrounded by her books.
She spends more time reading than anything else and whilst her skin appreciates her for it, she is often referred to as a Vampire.

Paige has a deep love for all things romance, mythical and paranormal.

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Ava and her mates can’t catch a break, not even newlywed bliss can save them from the mess unfolding on their doorstep this time.

The pack is under attack from every direction, they have invaders in their town and betrayers in their pack and an unknown entity waiting to cause havoc at every turn.

Packs from across the country are coming together to protect their own, the rules are changing, and Ava finds herself once again in the middle of a shifter


Can Ava and her mates figure out who’s killing off their own kind before it catches up to them? Or will they lose everything they hold dear?

The moon is rising, better be ready.