Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams


Melissa Adams is from the UK but was born in Italy and grew up between the two countries. She's now UK based and her day job is connected her other huge passion after writing and reading: flying. She lived in the US and got herself a super hot Yankee husband who followed her back to Europe.
Her obsessions: Yorkshire terriers and Norse gods!
She's often heard saying that she never trusts people who don't love animals.
Her passions have been reading and writing from an early age and her first adventure in writing was in journalism.
Melissa's stories focus on the romance, on character development and on the sensual aspect of love. Summer romance is her absolute first love but every story she writes has a mystery twist because life is nothing but a mystery.


A Star Cove Academy Paranormal Mystery Romance

Dreams: Dreaming Of You

Selena's dreams are more than just ominous visions, but a gateway to powers only thought to be fictitious, like the fantasy novels and shows she's always been drawn to.

Girls start disappearing from her college campus, and her dreams become darker - more twisted than before. When life seems like it can't get any more complicated, the arrival of four hot football players who insert themselves into Selena's life.

But how can she choose just one, when they're all so great? And with the danger her Mom and Grandma warned her about, college life just got even harder for Selena.
Warning: this book has sexual content so it is intended for an audience aged 18+
***WARNING: This book DOESN’T end on a cliffhanger but it is the first of a series of 3, so some situations will be resolved and developed in the next two books.
*** Also be aware that this book’s spelling and punctuation use British English and some things might look different that what you are used to.


Beverly Hills Prep Academy

The Initiation

Beverly Hills Prep Academy is one of the top prep schools in the country: it will open all kind of doors for new transfer student Ayla, especially her dream college, Yale.
And Ayla needs a win after she got her heart broken by her former bestie who kissed her only to break her heart.
The school for the rich and famous is ruled by the A-Class: the smartest and brightest students at BHPA.

The A-Class is ruled by the A-Team: three hot guys all by the name of Alex.
Alex Richmond is the A-Team leader and he rules BHPA with an iron first.
What happens when he feels rejected by Ayla?
Things get dangerously complicated when his A-Team brothers show interest in the new girl.

Ayla feels attracted and repulsed at the same time by the three alpha males and a dangerous game of love, hate and betrayal begins.
Trouble is: who knows all the rules?
Who’ll get hurt in the process?

Add an ex nerd turned hottie who would do anything to be initiated into the A-Team, a jealous and vengeful ex girlfriend and cheerleader captain and all the pressure of a really tough school and this promises to be a hell of a year for Ayla.




Sugar. Honey. Ice. Tea!

Magnolia Kinsella is a student nurse at Silver Springs Memorial.
But our sexy southern belle is very unlucky in love.
After a string of disastrous Tinder dates Magnolia meets three hot men with a little help from a certain magic paperback by the title of ‘Love Blooms’ and with a little help for her bestie Jen.

Oh but did I tell you that Magnolia is very klutzy?




Onyx makes a wish in the Silver Springs magic spring: she wants more love in her life.
Stone Hill High this year will offer a modern rendition of a timeless classic: A Christmas Carol.
She is cast for the main role of a female Scrooge.
Title of the play: Her Bah Humbug, which is very fitting since our Onyx despises Christmas with all her heart.
What happens when three sexy high school senio... ehm ghosts will try to show her the error of her ways?
Will the magic pumpkin spice latte drank by the three hotties set to co-star in the high school Christmas play make them fall for her?
Is love caused by the wish at the magic spring?
Did Julian (the Jewels Cafe owner) lend a helping hand?
It certainly seems suspicious that the three hot guys are suddenly all over Onyx when they’ve never really noticed her before.
Come to the play on Christmas Eve and see what happens.

Perfect for Them


Love is more fun when it is Forbidden.

A first kiss at a party: that kiss haunts me to this day, no kiss after that has ever made me feel anything comparable.
But It happened during a party game, the
lights were turned off, so I’ll never know who kissed me.

That summer, I fell for two hot twin brothers: Chase and Reid.
Everything fell apart when they became my stepbrothers and things between us had to change.
Our friendship ended and was replaced by indifference and distance.

Three years later I’m back in Star Cove and so are Chase and Reid with their two hot and friendly best friends Bryce and Parker. This is the summer before college and I’m stuck in the past, between my forbidden stepbrothers, the boy I’m dating and a kiss that’s lost forever.


Rebel Hearts Heists

Steal Me

Sloane has been on the run from her emotionally abusive ex-fiancée for months. Now she finds herself attending college in California, in hopes that her FBI agent ex won't be able to locate her. She's done her best to stay away from everyone, trying not to get attached in case she has to disappear again.

...Because Sloane would die rather than let Pierce lay another finger on her.
To support herself she works as a teller at a local bank and on an ordinary day at work, her life will change forever when she gets kidnapped at gunpoint by four masked bank robbers.

But what happens when she realizes that she knows those four men from college? Suddenly, Sloane fears for her life because she’s now a liability, bound to get them identified and caught. Especially when Pierce catches up with them and a wild chase across three states begins.

But things get complicated when her kidnappers turn into her protectors... when Sloane can’t help but feel safe with the brothers Royce and Blaine, with the intense and gorgeous Kaden and even with dangerous and crazy River.

Their futures, their hearts, and their lives hang in the balance when she realizes that each man was robbing banks for a reason.

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