Maya Nicole

Maya Nicole


Maya Nicole is a romance author.


Celestial Academy


What consequence does Lucifer give his daughter?
My friends always complained about their parents' rules and consequences. Well, I have them beat. I'm the daughter of the devil and was just expelled from my senior year of high school for breaking a guy's nose.

Did Lucifer torture my soul?

Did he condemn me to the fiery pits of Hell?

None of the above.

He sent me to Celestial Academy, where college-aged angels go to learn to be guardians. The only problem is I don't have wings, and I'm certainly no saint.

Being Lucifer's daughter in a school full of angels is no walk in the park. I'd much rather be tortured in Hell. That is until I meet three men that make me feel like anything is possible. Why choose when I can have them all?


Infernal Council


My brother told me to run, so I ran.

Centuries later, my people need me and I've returned to take my seat on the Infernal Council.

Now I'm fighting for my life because the council wants me gone.

Then there's the distraction of the five sinful men that I'm falling in love with.

The vampire who hates me.

The gargoyle who says I'm his.

The squirrel shifter who knows my secret.

The brownie who has hidden in the shadows.

The archangel who is as frustrating as he is sexy.

The council has stacked the odds against me but with my men at my side, I will defeat my enemies.


Salinity Cove


They say oil and water don't mix.
I made it until senior year virtually unscathed until the oil spill by Kline Industries changed everything.

No one cared about my name until now. Now, a group that has dubbed themselves the Tritons, hate that my father is Robert Kline, the owner of Kline Industries.

They swim their way into the hearts of every girl at Salinity Cove High. But not me.

They want to destroy me.

But I know their secret... and they know mine...




My job was to save lives.

I did a pretty damn good job until a woman was rolled into my ER seven months ago. She should have been dead on arrival. Under the bright exam lights, strapped to a gurney, she whispered her final words. I shouldn't have leaned in.

My world was changed forever.

Bars were my hunting ground. Drink after drink. Man after man. I fed the eight-legged monster that lived inside of me. Or hundreds of monsters. They tended to pour out of me when I gave in.

I almost gave myself over to the urges. That was until I met them: a quirky alpha wolf shifter with a pocket-sized monkey, a fallen angel with a mermaid obsession, and the devil that had more baggage than LAX.

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