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Dawson_Academy of the Supernatural 1.jpg

Academy of the Supernatural

After my parents were killed by vamps, my uncle took an early retirement from his life as a Hunter to raise me. I grew up training for battles he hoped I’d never fight.

Until the night I'm kicked out of my school dance for going toe-to-toe with our resident bully. My uncle takes me out for ice cream. Then the screaming starts, and we race to help.

An hour later, I’m covered in his blood, shell-shocked, being loaded in a police car for a crime I could never commit.

The Hunters’ Academy rescues me.

Or maybe imprisons me.

The details are a little dicey, and the men training me—handsome Cade and cruel, cold, perfect Nix—try to avoid the subject.

But nothing matters to me now except getting revenge.

I know I’ll make those responsible for my uncle’s death pay. But after my revenge, how will I go on with life, now that the last person who loved me is dead?

Will I be able to come back to the academy and create a new family, find a new home? Or will I have destroyed my chance here?

I’ll think about that tomorrow. Today, I’m out for blood.

Dawson_Ashley Landon Bad Medium 1.jpg

Bad Medium

When I’m resuscitated after a car accident, my second chance at life comes with a gift. I can hear the dead.

I’m struggling to figure out my new life as a psychic. I’m trying to figure out my new feelings for my best friend since second grade, Jax. And I’d like to pass my freshman year of college, too.

And then the Hunters show up. Rough Luke and gorgeous Mave. It doesn’t take a psychic to tell those boys are trouble.

They’re trying to stop the November murders. A girl disappears from campus every November, and they believe she’s being taken by a murderous poltergeist. They can’t speak to the dead. They need me.

Most of all, the women on our campus, and the ghosts of the dead girls, need me. I can’t let them down.

I hunt the ghost.

And then the ghost hunts me.

If I can trust Jax and these Hunters to have my back, we might all survive.

But how can I ever reconcile these two worlds? I long for life with Jax, simple and sweet. And I crave the chance to use my gifts, with these two Hunters by my side.

Dawson_God Fire Reform School 1.jpg

Magic for Dummies

Three things I didn't know yesterday:

1. The old gods still exist.
2. They can inhabit a human body... like mine...when a girl is just innocently studying at the library (and maybe stealing one small microfiche...)
3. The old gods are cruel and dangerous and oh, also, horny.
Actually, add a fourth thing: There's a reform school for delinquent supernatural creatures.
After a little mishap where I may have accidentally set my school on fire, I have to choose between human prison or a paranormal academy for the troubled. I look terrible in orange, so it's a simple call...

But it turns out, all the bad boys of the supernatural world... vampires, shifters, witches... can stop fighting each other in the yard at God Fire Reform School and agree on one thing. They want the gods dead and gone again.

I'm not going into this twisted new world alone though. The four boys I once loved, who have grown into sexy men, are all possessed by the gods. Not only have we inherited their powers, but a shard of their troublesome personalities, too.

Which means even we're scared of what we might do next... If these men and I don't master the gods within, this school won't 'reform' us. It will bury us.

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Dawson_Her Wild Angels 1.jpg

Her Wild Angels

A year ago, I was normal. I had a twin sister and a mother who still hugged me goodnight. I never started fires in my sleep, and I was never visited by strange, handsome men with cryptic messages.

But everything changed when my sister died.

Now all I want is to help her ghost. She’s trapped somewhere…

…and so am I.

I’ve been abducted by the Company. They want to use my new so-called powers to reach into the afterlife. They imprison me in a haunted insane asylum. Now there are a whole lot more ghosts…and they aren’t friendly.

But I’m not alone.

Ryker, the rough but sexy Hunter from my dreams, is trapped with me.

So is Levi, the sword-swinging killer with the heart of gold.

And somewhere on the outside, their Nephilim brother Jacob is trying to help us, too.

Now my goals are simple: Survive the ghosts. Escape the company. Journey into the afterlife to rescue my sister.

Oh, yeah. And I should probably keep my desire for these dangerous, gorgeous men under control…even though they say that the feelings between us are fate’s fault.

But the only thing hotter than the fires I start in my dreams…might be my desire for these men.

Dawson_House of Nephilim.jpg

House of Nephilim

The only thing more dangerous than a half-angel gone rogue is a woman betrayed…

And Eden Greyson is both.

I was just a girl when my twin brother and I were recruited by the Lords of Havoc.

The Lords of Havoc: rogue half-angels who believe humanity is a failed experiment, that humans need angels to govern them.

And three of those Lords were my first loves: The sensitive artist who could steal anything. The dangerous grouch with a soft spot for me. The boy who dreamed of a better world for humans and angels alike.

Then the Lords murdered my twin brother and left me for dead.

I'm still a wanted criminal. But I’ve evaded capture for a long time., and I’ve killed every one of the Lords who ripped my brother away from me.

All except three: the artist, the grouch, the dreaming boy.

They’ve been safe from me, locked away at the Wicked Reform School.

But they won’t be safe much longer.

It’s time for me to let the world put me in handcuffs.

It’s time to kill the last of the Lords of Havoc.

Even if I still love them.

Dawson_Their Shifter Academy 1.jpg

Their Shifter Academy

By the time I walk through the doors of the academy, where the born shifters of every pack are trained to fight and lead, I’m famous. Infamous? One of those.

I’ve already fought a battle or two. And my family’s complicated relationships with magic, which has been long forbidden to wolves, isn’t popular with all the packs.

I guess I should’ve said this is the place for born male shifters. There aren’t a lot of shifters like me, with flat irons and skinny jeans packed in their bags.

There’s quite the welcome committee waiting for me.

My cadre, who want to break me down and build me back up again.

My bullies, who just want to break me.

My patrol, who rises or falls with me.

They don’t expect me to make it to graduation in four years.

But I know I will.

Who’ll be standing with me at the end?

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Dawson_Their Shifter Princess 1.jpg

Their Shifter Princess

Love could cost me everything.

It’s love that keeps me coming home, to the beautiful house full of ugly secrets. As soon as I’m eighteen, as soon as I can take custody of my little sister myself, I’m going to run.

But my world is turned upside down by four mysterious men. The heat between us is intense. Their protectiveness feels real. Overnight, they become gods in our town. They can’t seem to stay away from me. I can’t resist them.

I can't risk my chance to save my sister, though. Not even to save my heart.

Is there any hope I can take care of her…and still lose myself in the arms of these men?

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Dawson_Spell Library 1.jpg

Tiger Lily

In one colossally bad day, my boss fires me so he can give my job to his nephew, I find my boyfriend cheating on me, and—when being human is just too painful—I accidentally shift and trash my own apartment. My inner cat is apparently offended by table lamps.

Then my grandfather falls and breaks his arm, and I head back to Silver Springs to help him.

Or maybe I run back to Silver Springs…

But I won’t be there long.

My boss and my ex-boyfriend might be total jerks, but maybe there’s something really unlovable about me. I definitely don’t fit into sweet Silver Springs.

Blake—Mr. Bossy

When Lily’s car breaks down on the side of the road in Silver Springs, I’ve got the solution to all her problems—from towing her car with my truck to giving her a job at Hot Wheels, my brand-new garage. Easy.

When I finally convince her to come work with me and my ‘brothers’, she lights up the auto shop with her sassy personality.

Too bad she thinks I’m bossy when I’m just trying to help…

Dylan—Mr. Charming

Watching Blake and Lily is painful. Sparks fly in every way when the two of them are together. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they lock eyes like they want to hop on top of the Honda and lick each other.

I’ve loved Lily since we were kid, but she’s always snubbed me. Once she reveals it’s her own insecurities that kept her from ever kissing me, though, I’m determined to show her just how much I adore her… If only I can convince her what I feel is real.

Archer—Mr. Nerd

I’ve always been the quiet geek in our group. Blake’s always tried to boss Lily, Dylan’s always tried to kiss her. Lily and I have always had a comfortable friendship.

But now we’re all grown-up. I’m the same nerd I always was, but my new app has gone viral. I could go anywhere—but I choose to be here in Silver Springs, with my brothers and Hot Wheels.

And with Lily.

Then her past—and all her insecurities—careens into Silver Springs and tries to wreck our new love.

Dawson_True and the Crown 1.jpg

The True and the Crown

After my father almost destroyed my world, I was exiled from the land of mists and magic. I was just a child when soldiers of the Crown dragged me through a portal to your world, and I’ve been trying to get home ever since.

When I’m invited home to attend the academy of magic, I know there are strings attached.

Those strings may have something to do with three handsome, alluring men who befriend me.

I can’t trust them, but I can’t resist the pull I feel for them, either. It’s been a long time since I had friends.

My chance to stay home is tied to how useful I can make myself. My father’s henchmen, the True, want me to restore his wicked glory. The Crown’s spies wants to use me to destroy the True. I’ll have to pick a side, and fight, or I'll be exiled again. Or worse.

And in the midst of all this swirling intrigue, I’m failing both Calculus *and* Castng.

These men seem determined to tutor me, fix me and most of all, protect me.

But my deep, dark secret is that the dread magician’s daughter…doesn’t have her magic anymore.

When they realize how useless I am, will they still stand by my side?

Welcome to a world where redemption is possible, where friendship and adventure and magic abound, and where love means never having to choose.

One Kind of Wicked is the first in a university-age academy reverse harem series. It first appeared as Three Kinds of Wicked.

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