Maggie Alabaster is an Australian author of fantasy romance.


Academy of Modern Magic

All my life I wanted to attend a prestigious school for paranormal students. When I was accepted into the Academy of Modern Magic, well…
…it isn't my first choice.

When I first encounter a sexy shifter in the corridors, and his equally hot brother, things start to look up. Add to that a smoking dragon shifter and a magical best friend and maybe this isn't so bad after all.

That is until dark forces started to follow me, bent on my capture or destruction. My only choice is to fight back, even if it gets us all killed.

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**Warning this a reverse harem with adult content and language.**


City of Darkness

I fight the shadows.

My name is Juliet Mackenzie. I'm a Demon Hunter.

I patrol the streets at night to keep the city safe from demons. Don't worry, I only kill the bad ones.

Unfortunately some of them get bad ideas, like trying to take over the world.

With the help of a hot demon, a wizard with more in his pockets than tricks, and some shifters with amazing taste in women's shoes, I've got this.

If the demons don't get me first.

**Warning, this is a slow burn reverse harem with adult content and language. The heat level will rise in the next book.**

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Clockwork Correctional Academy

Scarlett Oliver was ready to pay for her mistakes.

Facing three years behind bars, she's shocked to find herself at Clockwork Correctional Academy. There, she faces two choices, study and better herself, or spend her time in a regular facility.

One thing that's for sure, there's nothing normal about Clockwork. Rivalry is rife, the corridors are dark and a missing teacher haunts the halls.

Are the bonds Scarlett forms with other inmates and one of her teachers strong enough to survive, or will a rival inmate send her back to the real world?

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**Warning this a reverse harem with adult content and language.**

Her Harem of Moonlight.jpg

Her Harem of Moonlight

Forever running. Always hiding. Now I’m fighting back.

I escaped my enemies, but only just. I had a little help.
Turns out he’s a shifter.
But can I trust him?

My enemies want him and his two best friends dead and they want my magic.

I want revenge, and my friends back, but I can’t do it alone.

Can a witch and three, hot shifters take on a top-secret agency bent on our destruction?

One-click now.

**Warning, this is a reverse harem novella, with adult themes, some bad-language.**

Jingle All the Way.jpg

Jingle All The Way

My entire life burnt to the ground. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I lost my job…
…days before Christmas.

Into my life swept four incredible guys. Their mission in life? Make this the best Christmas ever and reignite the fire in my heart.

To my mind, their mission is doomed to failure, but I'll let them give it a red hot try.

**This book is a reverse harem with adult language and situations.**

Summers Harem 1.jpg

Summer’s Harem

Our magic is dying...

...we'll die with it.

On his deathbed, the king gave me an impossible task—save the fae realm from extinction.
I need to find the cause, but time is running out.

As if that wasn't enough, the king wants me to work with his son.
I loathe him.
And he loathes me.
Even if we can't keep our hands off each other.

With the help of the prince's friend, a scholar, a human trapped in our realm, and a talking cat, we might just figure out why the fae realm is at risk and how to save it.

Or die trying.

Who said my job was simple?

Join my harem and our quest to protect the world.

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**Warning - this is a reverse harem with adult content and language and a cliffhanger.**


The Dead Girls Club

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