M. Sinclair

M. Sinclair


International Bestselling Author

A Chicago native, parent to 3 cats, and lover of all things bubbly. She can be found writing or thinking about writing nearly every moment of the day. While new to the publishing world, M. Sinclair has been writing for over 10 years and plans to continue well into the next 10! While currently in love with the Reverse Harem sub-genre of romance, M. Sinclair plans to release novels rooted in romance, horror, and action. Finally, M. Sinclair believes that there is enough room for all types of heroines in this world and that being saved is as important as saving others. So be a princess and a warrior!

Just remember to love cats... that's not negotiable.


Court of Rella

Fae Fiefdom

Ophelia Rose has lived a lonely life. Surrounded by a luxurious estate, she’s always had everything she needed. Except for any love from her family. Her mother died when she was young and her absent father travels internationally for government contracts, leaving her with Denise. Her step-mother and two step-sisters aren’t cruel to her, but they are indifferent at best. It’s not just her family though. Everyone in Village Worth seems to regard her with caution while keeping a large distance, even her supposed best friends.

One night, change arrives, blown in by a storm, transforming her life into something of fairytales. What she thought was reality is twisted upside down and she finds herself missing chunks of time, and memories that no one else seems to have. Strangers that she’s never met begin acting like they’ve known her forever. All of this chaos is creating a massive chaotic symphony that ends in Ophelia discovering something about herself that she could have never guessed.


The Dead and Not So Dead

Queen of the Dead

Do you know what's better than being Queen of the Dead?
Having four sexy friends that aren’t romantically interested in you. I’m joking, it sucks.
Can I really blame them though? I mean sure, I'm a total bad*ss and babe. But why would two sexy vampires, a century-old demon, and wolf shifter be interested in little old me?
Now, I don’t want to discredit myself because let me be clear… I’m awesome.
The fun kick*ss leather-wearing type of awesome that hangs out with the dead because frankly, the living are pretty annoying. Well, most of them anyway.
Being Queen has always come easy to me. I mean who doesn't like putting some jerk in his place? Lately, though, something has changed and I feel the trouble coming like a storm rolling in. Despite my boys not reciprocating my crush, I know they will always be by my side.
Though, I do wonder why they are acting so weird about the local demi-god of luck and VooDoo priest’s attention.

I mean, I have to date eventually, right? Right?! Apparently, not if my friends have anything to say about it.
This is why I stick to the dead and not the living. They are so complicated.


The Descendant Series

Descendant of Chaos

Stay away from mages.
It was a singular phrase my father had ingrained in me from the time of my birth.
Sorry, dad. I have a feeling that is going to be a f*cking problem.
You have to understand… my life has been bland at best. Everything in my life, every single day, has been scripted, organized, and neat. Calm, cool, and collected. The problem? It wasn’t real.
I wasn’t like the other witches in my father’s coven. I had a chaotic storm growing inside of me and the moment these mages stepped into the picture, it began to escape. My perfect image of my life shattered. Everything seemed to pale in comparison to them. Their magic was exotic and powerful. Their pull on me nearly… well, magical.
But what are these men hiding? Why are they in Seattle at my high school? More importantly, what in the heck do they want with me? I have a feeling nothing will ever be the same after meeting them.
They say it only takes a singular moment to change everything.
No one tells you what to do after!




Live with your three best guy friends, they said! It won't drive you crazy, they said! Lies! They are driving me crazy... but mostly because I have a big secret. I'm crazy about them. So what the heck am I going to do about it?

Rebel Hearts Heists

Steal Me

Sloane has been on the run from her emotionally abusive ex-fiancée for months. Now she finds herself attending college in California, in hopes that her FBI agent ex won't be able to locate her. She's done her best to stay away from everyone, trying not to get attached in case she has to disappear again.

...Because Sloane would die rather than let Pierce lay another finger on her.
To support herself she works as a teller at a local bank and on an ordinary day at work, her life will change forever when she gets kidnapped at gunpoint by four masked bank robbers.

But what happens when she realizes that she knows those four men from college? Suddenly, Sloane fears for her life because she’s now a liability, bound to get them identified and caught. Especially when Pierce catches up with them and a wild chase across three states begins.

But things get complicated when her kidnappers turn into her protectors... when Sloane can’t help but feel safe with the brothers Royce and Blaine, with the intense and gorgeous Kaden and even with dangerous and crazy River.

Their futures, their hearts, and their lives hang in the balance when she realizes that each man was robbing banks for a reason.



Reborn In Flames

I have spent my entire life in the basement of my father’s church. My sadistic mother and god-fearing father believe I have the devil inside of me because I heal after their abuse. I’d accepted long ago I would die in the very place I’d been born without ever feeling the sun on my skin. Then one day, my mother took me from my father’s religious cult in the wake of his death. Nearly a week later, and after countless hours with her boyfriend Jed’s creepy remarks, I find myself in Washington State. I had only ever interacted with my parents and now Jed, so you can imagine my surprise when I ran smack dab into possibly the most handsome man in the world. He’s not alone though, there are intriguing and handsome men popping up everywhere in my life.

Except I shouldn’t be focusing on that. I should be preparing for my mother’s cruel hits. Preparing to run the minute I turn 18. Preparing to hide from Jed’s leering comments and uncomfortable stares. One interaction with this man and I feel like my entire life has been altered.

Five days until I turn 18. Five days until my mother realizes what happens when you keep a bird cooped up for too long, only to open its cage. Five days until I am out of here.

My problem? Everything inside of me tells me that those intriguing men are mine… and they seem to think the same.


The Red Masques

Raven Blood

No one in our family had come from an easy life. From foster care to forming the Ravens at our small Boston college, the concept of danger had never been one we turned away from. Instead, we took it upon ourselves to serve as the lawless justice system on campus to stop unnecessary deaths from the distribution of laced drug products.

Why? Because of her. Because her death could have been stopped. That was why we formed the Ravens.

So what has changed? My boys have always been protective but now I felt as though there was a secret standing between us. As we begin to receive tips about the Letters, questions start to plague my mind. What have the boys been hiding from me? Why is my sister, Lucida, never around anymore? Why do dead ravens continue to show up in my home? Why can't I stop thinking about fire?

You have to understand, nothing has ever been simple for us. You try living in a house with all boys. Boys that you... well, I'm not positive how I feel about them. Something has always been different about us. I can feel it. So, my biggest question -- what is it?

The Ravens. Ready yourself for chaos, love, and gore. Nothing is simple or easy for Vegas.


Tears of the Siren

Horror Of Your Heart

Lorcan Louvre is back.

Three years ago she and her twin disappeared in the middle of the night for LA. Now they are back for their senior year with an infamous reputation for partying, a penchant for violence, and a plan for avoiding the paparazzi.
So why did they leave?
What are they hiding now?
That is the exact question that Dean, Rhett, Cash, Desmond, and Adriel plan to find out.
The biggest question? Will they be able to save Lorcan before it is too late?
Find out in this emotional roller coaster of pain, love, and healing.


Time for Sensibility

Time for Sensibility

Do not read this book.
No, seriously, I have absolutely no idea why one was even written about my life. This is ridiculous. Not only did I live in the middle of nowhere in a drug infested town, under the roof of a trailer that was literally collapsing on itself... but nothing, and I mean, nothing interesting has ever happened to me. Well, unless you counted being abandoned outside of a motel, picked up by my new foster father that was always too high to remember my name, or spending the last six years traveling the United States practically homeless. Oh! Let's not forget to include the jerk that I really needed to break up with because let's face it... he had actually started to scare me. A lot.
I'd spent the last six years of my life feeling horribly out of place. Feeling like I was not only in a time that didn't fit me but in a place that was so lackluster that I had issues believing it was real. So when I tell you not to read this book? I mean it.
There is nothing of interest in here. I promise.
Well, I suppose there was one memorable and interesting moment in my recent past… the night of my eighteenth birthday. You know, the one where my four hot neighbors, and known criminals, kidnapped me onto a river boat. You could say I was confused when I found myself falling asleep floating down a Missouri river... and waking up to marmalade skies and a talking river otter with a hot pink top hat. None of that confusion, though, compared to when my four psycho kidnappers made me remember everything I'd forgotten.
Because I had been right, I didn't fucking belong here.
I belonged in the Kingdom of Snark.


The Willowdale Village Collection


I’d spent my entire life voiceless.

Ignored. Put to the side. All because I couldn’t communicate with the humans that I was surrounded by. All because I wasn’t surrounded by my own kind, my parents subjected me to the worst type of loneliness because of their own bias and history. That all changed when I turned eighteen though.

The day that I decided to pick up and move to Willowdale Village.

A place that signified the exact opposite of my upbringing. A place where I found my best friend. A place where I opened up my own business, a small ballet studio where I didn’t have to worry about whether I could talk to others or not. A place where people understood why I couldn’t talk. A place where everyone was different. A place where I met the Graves brothers, a family of wolf shifters, that planned on changing my life forever.

A place I now called home.

But what happens when my parents come to visit with an unexpected guest? One that not only wants to bring me back to where I grew up but place a very unwanted ring on my finger? I have a feeling that no one is going to be happy about this, least of all me, and the reaction of the Graves brothers is nothing to be happy about either.

The Willowdale Village collection consists of several standalone stories about the women that live in this supernatural town and their stories of finding themselves and love. You won’t find any dark romance here, only possessive alpha males and true happily ever afters. Each woman is absolutely unique and strong for their own reason. PNR UF Reverse Harem with +18 sexual content, swearing, and adult themes.

This collection of short stories has been created by the author in an effort to give back. A certain percentage of the first month’s proceeds (for each new novel release within the collection) will be donated towards a select unique cause.


The Wronged

Wicked Blaze Correctional

Wicked Blaze Correctional. The home to the most dangerous criminals of each realm. A private correctional institution that had to be placed on a separate realm because of the threat the inmates posed. Drake had sent me here, to ruin me. To destroy me and any memory of his egregious act that could incriminate him for being the homicidal maniac he was.

What he hadn’t counted on? Me. He hadn’t counted on my strength and my magic rising up to become the scariest damn thing in this place.

It helped that I had a human by my side that showed up to breakfast every morning covered in blood. I should probably ask Dimitri what that was about one of these days. Don’t forget Milo! An Ink Mage with the nifty ability to not only interpret dreams but to change them, as well as reality itself. Did I mention he was absolutely mental, maybe it was because of the insomnia? I don’t know what to tell them about one of the lead guards, Vaughn, who keeps claiming I am his ‘mate’ and promising to get me out. Or how to explain the odd feeling I have about the new inmate that just showed up, seeming a bit too sweet for this place.

There is something changing in the air though, something different than what has been going on the past six months, so what has been changing? Maybe it's the magic eater that keeps floating by my cell every morning? I didn’t care what the change was as long as I got out. I had a witch to kill and I wasn’t going to be able to put Drake in the ground from here.

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