Lucy Scott Bryan


I have always been a voracious reader, always. And I have been affected by many authors and books - how could you not be? Ask anyone and they will confirm that I have a passion for vampires. And shifters. I just adore vampire books - it's my thing.

I have a wonderful family with my hubs, who really is my BFF. We are loud, we argue, we laugh - it is the way it should be. My family and I get to call Australia home and we live where life is beautiful one day and perfect the next, in sunny Queensland.

I have two of everything - two kids, two frenchies and two cats. Sunday is my favourite day of the week, I won't ever say no to a G & T. And diamonds really are a girl's best friend!


The Centrum Trilogy

The Rejection of Amarli Wolfe



Door: Book 1

Passionate, Dangerous, Insanely Wealthy, Stunningly Beautiful….The Vernard Family have it all. Until one bloody, violent night leaves their family in ruins. Damn vampires and the games they play….

Welcome to the world of the Vernard Family. A family of powerful, uber rich, beautiful vampires who live and love hard. One bloody night begins a series of events that will change the family forever. Loyalties are tested and vampires are pushed to breaking point. And break they do.

In just a few short moments the idyllic life that Barlet, Adder and Neale share together is brutally and savagely shattered. Alexion, a delusional master vampire, will stop at nothing to destroy the Vernard Family and reclaim his daughter, even if it means her death.

Reeling from the relentless bloody and violent clashes that continue to besiege their family, Neale’s bonded mates struggle to find the courage and the strength to save her when being constantly reminded they didn't have the power to stop her being taken in the first place.

When a group of the strongest shifters can’t save Neale, instead bringing even more danger to their door, the Vernard Family are left with no alternative. In their desperation to rescue their mate, they reach out to a reclusive lion shifter feared throughout their community. A man that has too many secrets. A man whose own family desperately wants him dead.

Tao though, can and probably will change everything. Barlet, Adder and Neale’s bond is strong, their love is burning hot, but is it strong enough to survive this?

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