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Lilith Darville is the international bestselling author of dangerously delicious romance, including a sizzling paranormal reverse harem series. Her stories are guaranteed to make readers flush and blush. She lives in Ontario with her beloved Hubster and their somewhat challenged cat.

Sexy Sins Retreat 1.jpg

Sexy Sins Retreat

Being dead isn't at all what I expected. . .

An incubus has infiltrated the Sexy Sins Retreat to snatch recruits for Hades’ dungeon, and the gods chose—or rather conscripted me into purging the incubus and getting things back on track as director. That’s definitely one of my specialties.

I've got four smoking-hot bodyguards whose first job is to ease me through my ascension to the Underworld. Imagine if the flu made you uber horny and your bodyguards were an angel, a werewolf, a vampire, and a demon. Nice problem to have, right? Except I'm on a mission. I want my destined mate back. Funny enough, so do they, and they're all convinced I’m that mate.

I’ve got one chance, one month, to solve the problem and find my beloved somewhere in the Underworld before I’m slung back to my real life. Trouble is, I can’t keep my mind, or my hands, off my bodyguards.

Finding my soul mate has never been more . . . distracting.

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