Harper Wylde

Harper Wylde


Harper Wylde is a paranormal and urban fantasy romance author who lives in the countryside of Pennsylvania. As a wife and a mother of two young children, she spends her days chasing after little people and making crazy notes about story ideas all over her home. As a serial entrepreneur, Harper also dabbles in photography and graphic design...but has found that her favorite occupation is the one she's doing now--writing fantasy and paranormal romance. She loves coffee, cooking, chocolate covered pretzels, and characters with hidden strength and endearing flaws!


Goddess of Chaos

Goddess of Chaos

Chaos follows me everywhere I go.

And so does the hottie McStalker I swear I’ve seen lurking in the shadows.

Truthfully, that’s not the worst of it. I can’t remember the last time I had a day where something didn’t go wrong. I’m like a walking, talking disaster, and the last in a long string of mishaps ends with me getting fired from my job. Again.

Out on my ass, living on my last dime, I don’t think things can get any worse… until I’m kidnaped by a brotherhood of brutish bikers that think I’m something I’m not.

But when the blood moon rises, it changes everything. It forces me to reconcile with a past much greater than myself and face the fact that discord and catastrophe don’t just follow me, I literally create them.

Because that’s what I am, the Goddess of Chaos and Destruction, and now that I’ve reconnected with the four men that are supposed to be mine, I’ll be damned if I let the one who cursed me get away with stealing my memories, and my life, for a second time.

I’ll burn the world down first.


Phoenix Rising

Beauty in Ashes

There’s nothing pretty about war—blood, death, pain… that’s all it brings.
And this one has already taken it’s sacrifice.

But there’s no choice anymore, we need this new world and fighting is the only way.

Damien, Theo, Killian, Ryder, Hiro, Joshua, and I face more challenges than ever before, death a shadow over us that even I’m not safe from.

One by one we’ll turn our questions into answers as old enemies emerge and new alliances are forged. There’s too much at stake to lose now, and my Phoenix will set the world on fire to help me to protect my friends and the six men I’ve fallen for, because sometimes family isn’t the one you’re born into, but the one you choose.

With the rebellion on our shoulders and war on our doorstep, I’m done waiting. I will claim the men I love as mine and seal our mating before I face the final flames as my mother did before me.

Together we’ll make our stand against the forces of darkness as the battle rages around us.

Are we destined to see our future burn away in flames, or will love transcend death to reveal the Beauty In Ashes?


The Huntress Series

An Assassin's Death

As an assassin of the Lifeless League, there are two rules I live by:

1. Never kill another hunter.

2. Obey orders.

When I find that my newest set of targets are branded with the Mark of the Hunter, I don’t know who I can trust anymore. I can’t take their lives without knowing why these mysterious men turned their backs on the League.

A choice will have to be made eventually. Even if they refuse to make anything easy for me. The four brooding ex-assassins give me trials, training, and tests to study my unusual powers and prove myself as one of them. A deadly plan is now in place but they’ve all made one grave mistake: Underestimating me. Because I’m adding a third and final rule to my list:

3. Survive.


The Veil Keeper

Blood Bound

Everything is different now—including me.

Turns out I’m not a witch after all. I’m shadow touched, a rare breed of supernatural with the ability to fight off demons and keep the mundane world safe. And the cherry on top? The fate of the mortal realm lies solely in my hands. I’m the veil keeper, the only person who can stop whoever is determined to open the gate to the shadow realm and unleash hell on earth. No big deal.

Add in the six men that are meant to be mine—whether they want to be or not—and my life is just peachy.

But learning to shift and figuring out how to control my magick are the least of my concerns, because being the veil keeper has put a target on my back and a bounty on my head. Overnight, I’ve become the supernatural world’s Most Wanted, and my allies will only get me so far.

The only thing keeping me alive right now are my mates, but if they don’t all come around and decide to claim me soon, I’ll end up dead… or worse, trapped in the veil to be tortured by shades.

Between the attempts to kill me, shades whispering warnings in my sleep, and the missing grimoire, the increasing threats are stacking the deck against me, but I wasn’t raised to be a quitter.

I’ll fight until my dying breath to save the ones I love… I just hope that’s not anytime soon.

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