Eve Newton

Eve Newton


Eve is a British novelist with a specialty for paranormal romance, with strong female leads, causing her to develop a Reverse Harem Fantasy series, several years ago: The Forever Series.

She lives in the UK, with her husband and four kids, so finding the time to write is short, but definitely sweet. She currently has two on-going series, with a number of spin-offs in the making. Eve hopes to release some new and exciting projects in the next couple of years, so stay tuned!


Bound Series

Demon Bound

A Demon born to seduce men.
A Reaper who can't resist the temptation. An Angel that risks everything for her & the Devil that falls under her spell.
They are tested to their limits, but will love conquer all?

After escaping Hell and then being found back on Earth, I'm sentenced to eternity in a fiery prison down in Hell, when suddenly, I find myself pulled out of my misery by the Devil himself.

When he starts to take an unusual interest in me, I'm intrigued at what is it he wants from me, while also finding myself on the receiving end of a Reaper's infatuation.

I'm tested to my limits for the Devil's unknown cause, grabbing the attention of the opposite side and an Angel that wants to save me from myself.

When I finally learn of the Devil's intentions, my loyalty to my creator starts to waiver and escape seems to be my only option.

Will I manage to flee the pits of Hell for an unheard of third time with my Reaper to meet the Angel who claims he can save me? Or will I be stuck in the Devil's idea of happily-ever-after?


Dark Fae Kingdom

Dark Fae's Secrets

After discovering that my heritage involved far more than just being in line for the throne of Dark Fae Kingdom, I fear that telling my men of this development will only hinder our relationship. However, I now have a new man that insists that we inform my Kingdom. On top of that, I'm still holding onto a secret about a child I may bear with my Fae-approved lover.

As I fall headlong into the role of new Queen of the Dark Fae, I find myself swimming in murky waters, all the while dealing with the Light Fae's self appointed Queen, my growing relationships and secrets that are hanging over my head.

Can I navigate this trying time and come out the other side with my happiness, or will everything be destroyed just as I have come to learn that there are things that I can control, that even outweigh those that I can't?Contains scenes of M/M and possible triggers.


Demon Queen Series

Hell's Belle

She's hot as Hell & she rules it too!
One female Devil & her seven chosen ones
Can she pursue what she wants, making sure all hell doesn't break loose
& battle for her destiny?
Join Annabelle in her quest to rule Hell & conquering passion, lust...and love while she's at it.

My name is Annabelle Pandora. My name may sound sweet but don't let that fool you. There is nothing sweet about me. Being the original Lucifer's Great-granddaughter, I know my way around the darkest, deadliest and most dangerous place of all...Hell and Hell is mine now.
Yet, I have a secret. A secret so encompassing that it eats away at my blackened soul. Only Shax, my twin brother and Dark Angel, can help me fix it.

As I make my presence known in my kingdom, heads are turned in my direction and I am hunted. I quickly have to learn that not all men lust after me. Some males seek to destroy me and not in the bed-breaking, primal, pleasurable and passionate sense.
From a sexy, seductive Incubus that knows his way around a female form to the alphahole Horseman of War, with several other lustful lovers to occupy my time - including a human (who knew?) - I find myself on the cusp on the unknown as I fall into feelings that I didn't know that the Demon Queen was capable of or more crucially, wanted.

I am the Devil. Every demon in Hell would fall to their knees for a chance to rule by my side.
Can I open up my blackened heart to a world of the unknown while I battle through dark decisions? While I'm at it, will I ever find out what Shax is hiding?


The Dragon Realms

The Dragon Heiress

A woman born to rule an Empire.
The three Dragons destined for her.
Can they overcome the obstacles in their way?
Or will her family put an end to their happily ever after?

I am Delinda. I am the True Heir to the Dragon Empire. I have no say in it. My uncle thrust the title upon me twenty-two years ago, but I'm not ready to rule an Empire.

Until it becomes the answer to my problem.

Two suitors have been presented for marriage. Both of which were born to be mine, but I'm already in love. A love that is true but forbidden. Should be easy enough to tell my mother I want both men. Now, all I have to do is find a way to make them accept the man that I love, while trying to get my act together enough to take control of my destiny.

Surely it can't be that difficult?


The Forever Series

Forever & The Power of One Book 1-2

One Vampire.
Her three lovers.
An ancient prophecy.
"I'd rather love too many, than none at all."

After a thousand years of being a vampire, you think that you've experienced everything. I have seen and done all my heart desires twice...then, a third time just for the hell of it.

I love power, I strive for what I want and I am more than aware of what I have to offer. Yet, despite my faults, I love so fiercely it encompasses me...and those that receive it.
After my chance tryst with a human, the burning flame of desire consumes my two constants in this life, driving them to accept a destiny that we never dreamed was possible.

Together, we must solve the mystery of an ancient prophecy that looms over us but at what cost?

Accepting that my life is no longer just about me, I must face my fears and put my trust in my men. Will they be the key to guide me through this new world of chaos and secrecy?

This is my story. Expect trouble. It's my middle name.

Expect the unexpected with sensual, dark, enticing twists that will make your knees go weak and your heart pound.

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