Alice Wilde is a national bestselling author who grew up with a love for reading, art, and animals. She spent most of her time outside with her various pets and sisters playing dramatic, emotional make-believe games that often made them cry and reading in cozy, sunny spots.

Now, while still surrounded by animals, she spends a majority of her days indoors creating new stories and worlds for her characters. Alice is currently living in Asia with two cats, a dog, and a house-full of sticky notes. She loves to talk to readers when she pops on social media and can sometimes be found on Facebook when she's not being told, or telling herself, to get back to writing.

Erica Woods is an animal loving, coffee-addicted, chocoholic who lives in Norway with two fur babies of the purring variety and a hubs of the supporting, slightly growly variety.

When she's not writing (which is seldom) she can be found clinging to her hubby like a koala bear (yes, she's needy) with a book in one hand and some kind of snack (most likely chocolate) in the other.

Besides being crazy about animals and obsessed with all things romance, Erica likes to be near the ocean, draw, fantasize about life on foreign planets, and tease her hubby until he chases her around the house while she squeals.

Fun times.

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The Feral Souls


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The Feral Souls

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