Hi, I'm Chloe Adler. I'm a paranormal romance author with a penchant for steamy tales.

I live in a tiny undisclosed town in Northern California surrounded by dense foliage. I roam the hills with my constant canine companion, a miniature pinscher named Jake.

My favorite things to do when I'm not spinning yarns include Hikaru dorodango, larping, palm reading, and tape art. Seriously though, I'm just your average girl with lofty dreams and a crazy imagination, inviting readers to enjoy my wacky world.

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Chronicles of Tara

A Twisted World of Fairies and Magic.

Danger smacked me in the face on my very first night of work at the vampire blood bank. That’s when a dark and handsome stranger came to my rescue.

Is he a vampire. Or something more? And what about the four painfully sexy warlocks who asked me to move in with them?
I’ve lost my job. I’m about to lose my parent’s house. How much worse can it get?

My brain is screaming that I'm being a dumbsh&t, but my heart is screaming that I’m completely out of options!

***Complete Reverse Harem Series***

The Synergist has to be one of the most original Fae worlds I’ve read in a very long time. It has a very whimsical feel to it. ~Goodreads Reviewer



I may be a third-generation working girl but I'm done with walking the streets—because I've traded up for a brothel. Except Ichor isn't just any brothel, it's also a blood bank where lonely vampires come for a little entertainment with their refreshment. I've seen and done it all, so a little fang on the job doesn't scare me away, especially when it comes with security cameras, bouncers, and a 401K. Plus, it takes a lot of man to make my Latina blood boil. So imagine my surprise when I meet three of them...

It was just another night on the job when a shifter, a vampire, and a warlock walked into the bar. Your bad joke is my reality.

*** A Stand Alone Sexy Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance ***

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Tales From the Edge

My name is Iphigenia Holt, otherwise known as “the good little witch” to family and friends. How do I break out of that box? By doing something unexpected and taboo, like falling in love with multiple men. Falling in love with *anyone* seems impossible for me, much less a bad-boy vampire. And yet, that’s exactly what happens. And not just him, but his cousins too. A trio of shifter brothers, including a dragon with an overprotective streak.

But maybe they’re the ones who need protecting from me, not the other way around. Because my mother is the most powerful witch in the world, who conveniently left out my connection to a dark, hidden otherworld threatening our town.

How can I, the perfect daughter and beloved sister suddenly be not only the talk of the town, but its unlikely savior?

****Book 1 in a complete reverse harem series ****


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