Cate Corvin

Cate Corvin


Cate loves all things passionate and paranormal, from sexy, hunky warlocks in haunted houses to shredded shifters under the full moon! She lives in the South with her family and pets, and loves every kind of coffee, horror and fantasy movies, and cats. Reading is her favorite hobby when she's not writing.


Bonds of Blood

Ill Will

Mercilessly beautiful cruel. Relentlessly sensual vicious. Utterly delicious vile.

Marrying into the famous Godalming slayer-clan was supposed to be my family’s big break. Our clan is fractured, my brother is dead, and my mother’s spirit was broken by the ordeal. I’d do anything to make her proud and see her truly smile again.

I’d even spend a year in the snobby, prestigious Libra Academy with Lord Godalming’s gorgeous son.

I don’t know what I did to earn Will Godalming’s seething hatred, but he’ll do anything to get rid of me for good, even if he sometimes seems like the only one who understands me. Sura Enver is almost irresistible with a cruel streak a mile wide, but he’s hiding dark secrets under those knockout looks. And when I put a dying vampire out of her misery, I end up at the very top of an ancient warrior’s hit list. No sane slayer angers Càel the White Wolf, the fiercest knight of the vampires’ Clouded Court.

They’re unstoppable. Wicked. Malignant. And each wants to make me suffer. Between the torment of Libra’s eat-or-be-eaten rules and the rising threat of a new vampire king, enemies prowl on all sides.
But they’re messing with the wrong slayer.




I already had to leave college once to care for my sick mother. Thanks to the Second-Chance Scholarship, I have one last shot to finish my degree at Bourdillon University, a prestigious academy for the arts.
But the three professors who control my future don't see a student, or an assistant librarian. They see prey.
The Dean of Students, gentleman on the outside, beast on the inside.
The Scholarship Committee Chairman who bends me to his will.
And my former tutor, now my blackmailer, who holds my secrets over my head.
They've got me wrapped around their fingers, and how the rest of my year will go depends entirely on how much I'm willing to obey them.
They're the teachers.
I'm the pet.


Razing Hell

For the Hell of It

They broke my halo.
Burned my wings.
Sent me plummeting straight to Hell.

When I’m captured by demons and forced into the fighting pits of the Seventh Circle of Hell, I need to stay alive long enough to claw my way back to Heaven and destroy the archangels who betrayed me.
Four dangerous men stand between me and my vengeance.
A deadly Nephilim in self-imposed exile. Hunger incarnate, ravenous for an angel. The heir to Satan’s sinful throne. And the prince who bound my soul to his until I win my freedom.
They think I’m still pure. They think I’m innocent. They think they’ll enjoy corrupting me.
Joke’s on them. This angel’s no saint.
If Heaven doesn’t want me, I’ll be bad for the Hell of it.




A heart of gold for a heart of stone.

As a cop, my motives are clear: uphold the law, preserve justice, and protect innocent lives, but when you throw gargoyles into the mix, all bets are off. Add in grieving your past mistakes, and it’s nearly impossible.
I should’ve known better than to find solace in the arms of Damien Viridios, an Emerald gargoyle known for philanthropy and his huge… helicopter.
Sure, he showed me a good time. Then he cut out my heart and replaced it with a chunk of living stone, making me a gargoyle, too. Worst. Night. Ever.
Now my skin is almost bullet-proof and I can lift a car overhead, but there’s a huge target painted on my back. That’s the last Ruby stoneheart of House Kyrillian beating in my chest, and one of the gargoyle Orders wants to crush out its magic. Permanently.
Gio Onyarai, an Onyx bodyguard assigned to me by Damien, is sworn to defend my life, but it’s impossible to get anything done while he’s taking over my apartment; my partner on the force, Sawyer Hawkins, blames himself for my new inhuman heart, refusing to let go of the mortal I once was.
I never asked to be made a gargoyle, but now that I have a stoneheart of my own, I’ll do anything to defend it from those who want to destroy it… I’m just not sure if I can stop these three from stealing it.


The Cimmerian Cage

Kissed by Wildfire

In the Cage, nothing is what it seems. It’s inescapable. And I’m dead in the sights of four insatiable and sexy men.

My name is Lu Darke. I’m a witch by birth and an arsonist by accident, but I never thought I’d find myself in a place like this. Cimmerian Reform Academy, called ‘the Cage’ by its students, was once an asylum, but now I’m forced to call it home.

My roommate hates me, the Headmistress has a sinister agenda, and worst of all, students have a habit of dying young and fast in the Cage. If I don’t watch my step, I might be the next to go, but help could come from dangerous places… for a price.

Roman and Shane were imprisoned for illegal shifting, and they look at me like they want to rip off my clothes with their fangs.

Professor Steele is a hard taskmaster whose special brand of punishment leaves me craving more.

And in the darkness beneath the Cage lurks the most deadly of predators- Locke, a vampire who walks through my dreams with a thirst for more than my blood.

Secrets lie in wait behind the black doors, students vanish overnight, and everyone hides what they really want. In the case of these four, however, what they want is crystal clear: me.

The House of Mirrors

Roses and Revenants

The dead don’t always respect my boundaries, but it’d be nice if they’d stop interrupting my coffee dates.

As the last of the esteemed Bell coven, it is my solemn duty to uphold sacred witch tradition, and to protect humanity from the restless spirits of the dead.
Instead, I'm a runaway exorcist living out of a junker van, without a care for the expectations that come with my family name. All I want is peace to work through the endless grief of my parents' horrific demise, but the universe seems determined to prevent that. The Great Covens are desperate to matchmake their way into my family fortune, and a new, sinister revenant lurks behind every mirror, a dark figure stalking me from the threshold of Death.
Thankfully, I have Eric, my ever-loyal human guardian, protecting my body and soul as I traverse the deadside. He’s watched over me my entire life, but his vow to my father to keep me safe didn't extend to my heart, still in tatters over his rejection of my feelings for him.
My childhood friend has finally tracked me down, intent on keeping me from running away again. In the five years I've been gone, Joss has become a gorgeous warlock who won't take no for an answer.
Adrian -stoic, secretive, and far too enticing for his own good- has his own reasons for dragging me away from the world of humans, but his coven is plagued by rumors of dark magic I shouldn’t get involved with.
I could handle all of that, if only Warden Stone hadn't made it his mission to annoy me to death. A deadline I'm not ready to face is looming, and this beautiful but irritating man is intent on forcing my hand.
And I thought being on my own was hard. With four alluring men pushing and pulling me where they want me, can I uncover the dark skeletons in my family’s closet before it’s too late? Or will the last of the Bell exorcists join them in Death forever?


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