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Avery Song


Avery Song is a reverse harem author who specializes in young adult fantasy and new adult paranormal romance. She especially loves writing strong main characters and is excited for all the books that are approaching. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, she strives towards big dreams with her two puppies.


Academy For All Things Scorching

Blazing Academy: Semester Three

"Join us, Alice, or the next victim will be…you."

I, Alice H. Blaze, have always been up for a challenge. After all, my whole life has been a rollercoaster of obstacles designed to bring me down. The latest: watching my best friend’s business explode and subsequently landing on the enemy’s radar.
Now deadly threats are aimed my way.

To escape it all, I go to Blazing Summer Bootcamp with my trusty Blazing Knights and two assistants. The easygoing training center shouldn’t come with its own share of problems, but your Blazing Horseman can't get a break to save her life.

When school starts, things only get worse. A jealous group of students transfers in and makes Gabriel's life a living hell, Keru’s sleepwalking problems are on the rise, and Damon and Westley are feuding. The last thing I need is to be falsely accused of murdering my best friend's sister, so of course that’s exactly what happens.

Semester Three is designed to make us stronger, but with all the barriers, I may not be able to tackle everything on my own. It's time for me to look to the stars and hope a certain universal friend comes to my aid.

May the stars align and grant me the blazing force to bring all my enemies down.


For The Faeiry Absolutes

Celestial Prison

In the deep shadows of the supernatural world lies a prison whose captives are organized by supernatural race, capabilities, and destructive power. The lower the level, the more lethal — and desirable — the individual.

As a Nephilim at the Psychic Prison for Supernaturals, I'm banished to the depths of its lowest level, a hellhole from which few ever return. Captivity is no ballgame, but considering I'm the guinea pig for a psychotic doctor's research, I'd much rather remain in my cell for all eternity — just as I was sentenced to do at the age of ten.

My crime?
Merely existing.
I managed to hide for years, but fate finally caught up with me. And that's not all. If the latest lab results are to be believed, I'm more lethal than I seem at first glance, which means I'll never be free again.

My redemption?
Well, that's in the hands of three dangerous men, one of whom is the Faerest of them all. Alongside a banished fae king, a demigod, and an Omega Wolf, I'm destined to experience whole levels of pain in my new captivity.

Prison shouldn't stir a romantic cocktail of pleasure, pain, and hope, but here I stand, bared and ready. If I'm destined to be confined, maybe it's time I played by someone else's rules.

Time to play this game of captivity with my three faeiry absolutes.


Jade Storm Tracker

The Tracker Hive Academy: Semester One

I've dealt with my share of homelessness. I've endured being the bad gal in the room. I’ve taken a lot of life’s punches on the chin. But never did I expect to be forced to attend an academy full of power-hungry delinquents.

Born with powers far too great to control, I ended up homeless at eight years old. With my family gone, I lived on the streets, learning quickly that the world was just as cold as my beating heart.

Because I carry all eight magic elements, enemies sought me out from every dark corner. Luckily, I was saved and taken in by Alaric Masters, headmaster of Tracker Hive Academy.

My name is Jade Storm, and I’m the youngest recruit to become a Tracker.

Now that I'm eighteen, Alaric is insisting that I attend the academy. I’ll do it, but on my own terms. My only goal is to learn just how powerful I am and breeze through the next four years. I have no interest in joining any cliques, and I’m not here to make friends. If there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that I work best alone.

However, the Troubled Four — Zeke, Zion, Zackery, and Zeus — have other plans. Quadruplets who together carry all eight elements, the boys are desperate to make me submit to their trickery. They’re stupid to think I’ll play by anyone's rules but my own.

I can handle whatever threats, traps, bullying, and schemes are thrown my way, because I'm not here to be a good student. I'm here to keep my secret safe from those who will do everything to see me perish.

Game on.


Royal Confinement For Malicient Supernaturals

Shattered Princess

To be a shattered princess is to wear a crown of splintered hope.
To become a shattered princess is to uncover the heritage you dreamed of discovering.
To rise as a shattered princess is to choose a side: Light or Dark.
But what do you do when you were created from both?

Castalia. That's the only thing anchoring me in a dark world of manipulation and heartache. Without a family to return to or one that will adopt me, I'm racing for my life in hopes of saving the one thing that has always kept me determined to live:

My fae pixie guide, Lokisura.

When death calls, I make a choice that leads me into the depths of the Underworld. Raised by Hades, cared for by Cerberus, and aided by Lucifer, I jump at the chance to discover who I am and find the path that leads to my royal birthright.

Now I reside in a fresh, new world where money, royalty, and power determine which level of prison I’m trapped in each night. A world where my prism crown weighs as much as the shackles that cling to my wrists.

With Lokisura at my side, I'm on a mission to unlock my destiny. But will I have enough time to claim what's rightfully mine, or will it all crumble into shattered glass?


Spell Traveler Chronicles

Witchling Academy: Semester Eight

Murder? Threats? Court trials? Shocking revelations?
Turning twenty is more about chaos than celebration as my final semester at Witchling Academy kicks off with a bang.

Semester Eight will be the most intense one yet; with the cheer squad competition, the football league championships, kendo master matches, and the spring festival art competition, we're going to be busy around the clock. And that doesn’t even include our ongoing battle against a mystery threat that’s determined to destroy everything — and everyone — I love.

After our exam is infiltrated by a well-known nemesis, it's finally clear who our enemies are in this battle against the darkness. I, Brianne Marie Harlow, am now in charge of the prime investigation to end the evil influence once and for all.

However, with Elisha’s trial looming and more secrets coming to light, I have to take a moment to decide what I really want out of this semester. Am I willing to live in constant fear? Or do I risk everything, including my life, attempting to take down an organization as big as the shadows?

Throw in the student council duty to keep everyone safe, and an unexpected round of Witchling Games, and this could all push more than one person over the edge.

Supernatural Captivity Series

Supernatural Villain

When it comes to my life, fate’s favorite game is torment.

Why else would it have reunited me with my supernatural bros, only to strike them — and many innocent bystanders — down on the day of my funeral? I stood and watched it happen, but instead of mourning, I laughed in the face of my enemies.

Now a villainous queen, I’ve returned from the dead and sided with the darkness, wearing a crown of power and sitting on a velvet throne of evil. My enemies believe that death and betrayal are what have driven me down this path, but there’s one thing they don’t know: I’m not the only one who won’t be stopped by something as feeble as death.

From the realms of the underworld, my men offer me their continued support. Now it's time that I retrieve them and bring them back to where they belong: by my side. The mantle of supernatural villain is one few would wear, but if it revives playful Tristan, deadly Otis, seductive Adonis, and powerful Dominick, I'll flaunt it with pride.

With a powerful team consisting of a monarch butterfly, a royal alpha wolf, a celestial faeiry absolute, and a malefic princess — as well as my dragon mate — the world above will have to watch from the sidelines as I leave the underworld shaking.


Supernatural Marked Monarchy

Psychic Prison

When a Monarch is Marked, they go from master to prisoner. Their fate? Determined by the one who Marked them.

Alisha Butterfly is my name, and on Friday the 13th, I was found guilty of the massacre of a bunch of criminals — people I have no memory of killing. Amnesia wasn't a good enough excuse to get me into the mental ward and so I was tossed into the depths of the Psychic Prison for Supernaturals.

Now I’m a Marked puppet with bad luck on my side and a master waiting for me at my cell. But questions — and problems — arise when that one master turns out to be four and I learn I’m more than just a trapped butterfly.

To them, a Marked Monarch is a slave to their every command. But I’m more than that. I'm powerful and I will rise from the depths of this prison and exact my revenge on whomever sentenced me here.

I'll cocoon myself within these grim walls and do what my masters tell me. Let them abuse, strengthen, and train me for what's to come, for time will be my ally until I transform and regain what is rightfully mine.

I will reclaim my supernatural monarchy.


The Supernatural Spy Academy

SSS: Year Six

When being different leads to the best years of your life.

Nothing lasts forever. Especially happiness…

After five solid years of spy school, Silver Spell Solange can finally celebrate summer like a normal student, enjoying a proposal she would never refuse, a two-week vacation with her family, and the newfound abilities of her adorable familiar.

But all too soon, her peaceful future is threatened.

The Dark Kingdom is desperate, and it's clear their silence is ominous…and an opportunity. Silver itches to take advantage of the chance to face them once and for all, but S.S.S. Sky Division has other plans for her.

Given the awakening ceremony, classes taught by a powerful god from another universe, and Uzziah's health concerns, Silver has her hands full. Plus, a new question looms: What if this new professor is a key component to the prophecy?

With missions being thrown at her left and right, and a new enemy on the horizon, Silver must pull out the cards and predict the future unfolding around her before it's all too late.


The Supernatural Vampire Fae Chronicles

Bloody Rosary Academy: Year One

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, let your powers grant me safe haven.

Blessed is the blood that courses through my veins, from the womb of my Fae Mother and the seed of my Vampire Father.

Holy Mary, protect me, for I have two sides from which to choose. One of holy matrimony, which represents all that is perfection and grace, and one of darkness and bloodshed, wherein the pulsing desire for power outweighs the need for tranquility and equilibrium.

Let me make the right choice, for I am bound to both, but can only become one.

Please, do not forsake me.

I pray that this choice to attend Bloody Rosary Academy will unlock the secrets within the very beads of thy rosary.

I offer my body, rare blood, and magic powers to discover my true birthright and find the perpetrator behind my parents’ demise and my subsequent orphanage.

Shelter me at the hour of their death and let me the final victor.

Now, and for the next four years.



Wolf Destined Imprisonment

Arrested By Magic

Homeless at the age of twelve. Misfit among my peers at sixteen. Unemployed by eighteen. I have bad luck, but never thought I'd be in handcuffs by the golden age of twenty.

Some would blame the universe for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I know better. So does the Alpha wolf hidden inside me. Our potential is massive, but we can't get a bloody break in a world full of crime, corruption, and hate…and someone did this to us on purpose.

Misfits like me often fall into traps made by higher shifters, and this is no exception. Five supernatural beings hold the key to my shackles, intent in the belief that my wolf holds the key to something powerful…something lethal.

They may be right.

Imprisonment is inevitable, but behind bars, a new world is waiting for me. One where captivity can be a blessing in disguise, creating the opportunity for my wounded walls to crumble in total submission.

I’m ready for it all. I’ll be a misfit no more. I will rise, and those responsible for my captivity will receive capital punishment at my paws.

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