Rae Tina

Rae Tina


Hi everyone! I'm RaeTina, and no, it's not a random pseudonym I pulled out of a hat. It's actually my middle name, that I love, and don't get to use nearly as often as I'd like. I was born and raised in New York City and still currently reside in the big apple. Reading and writing have been my passion since middle school. I actually started this crazy jump into the writers world by writing fanfiction, and it sort of escalated from there.

I currently have an AS in Office Administration and I'm working on a BA in Creative Writing. I figure eventually I'll get my Masters. My alter ego has the wonderfully mundane job as an administrative assistant.

I like to write about things that I've questioned. So of course there's the #whychoose movement that I'm heavily supportive of, as well as a whole host of other romance, fantasy, and thriller related themes. So stick around and see what I come up with next.


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