AJ Sinclair was born with a pen in her hand and ink flowing….that’s such BS. I’m the creation of a twisted mind, the result of an imagination with too much time to fester. Eh, that’s overly dramatic too. Basically, I’m a former contemporary romance author who got bored with the typical HEA formula and decided to shake things up a bit. I write reverse harem apocalyptic romance because I want to see how love lives on when there’s nothing else to live for. 

Born and raised as a loyal Wisconsin cheesehead—Go Pack Go!—I currently reside in Denver, Colorado with my geek husband, sassy soon-to-be tween daughter, and a hyper Cocker Spaniel who chews on every freaking thing she can find. We plan to add a black cat to this zoo. It works for us.

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Death's Relentless Dance

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Death's Relentless Dance 

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